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Pierre Web Application - Advanced Search


Advanced search allows end users to construct their own queries using selectable elements from the model in which their data is stored. Clicking the Advanced Search link from the main page will take you to a page similar to the one below. As with all the web pages displayed in this tutorial, this is an example. The navigation of the pages for your own site will be the same but the appearance of the pages will depend on what model you are using.

You can select how many entries you wish to make by selecting from the drop down list and clicking the Refresh button. Select the fields you want and the kind of operator you wish to use and enter your values in the fields provided. If you don't wish to use as many fields as are on the page just click Delete by the rows you don't want and the page will automatically refresh with them gone.

To send your query to the data repository, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page. The results will be returned on the same page similarly to the page below.

Layout may be single or multiple page and the Report File Format may be html, text (txt), xml, or character separated value (cvs).