Pierre Tutorials

Pierre Command Line Application Overview

What can you do with Pierre Command Line Application?

The Command Line Service created by Pierre is intended for those who wish to work without a gui or the web. This environment is very similar to UNIX environments and the commands to excute the functionalities of this service resemble UNIX flags.

The tutorials for this service have been broken into the browse, simple search, and advanced search. Please note that expert search is not supported in this particular service. There are other commands for output formatting, output file specification, and help that may prove useful which can be applied to any of the browse or searches. These will be included with each of the tutorials listed. While this may seem repetative, the idea is to try to create comprehensive pages without the need to jump all over the site.

Getting Started

One of the files that is generated by Pierre is called copy_into_script which is just a text file. The contents of this file contains the script command that must be invocated with each request of the service. All you need to do is copy this invocation onto the command line and execute it with the flag of your choice. Flags for various functionalities will be covered in the other tutorials for this service.