Pierre Tutorials

Pierre Web Application Overview

What can you do with the Pierre Web Application?

The Web Application created by Pierre has with it links to associated aspects of the model being used including schema information commands.

The tutorials for this service have been broken into the browse, simple search, and expert search. Please note that advanced search is not supported in this particular service. There are other commands for output formatting, output file specification, and site navigation that may prove useful which can be applied to any of the browse or searches. These will be included with each of the tutorials listed. While this may seem repetative, the idea is to try to create comprehensive pages without the need to jump all over the site.

Getting Started

If you are not resonsible for getting the web page set up then you only need go to the web address given to you to begin. If however, you have been asked to set up the web pages then proceed as follows. A directory folder is generated by Pierre in which are all the web pages you will need. The name of this folder will be the name given to it by the service designer. Move this folder into the webapps directory wherever you have Tomcat installed. Then you should be able to access the web page. You do not need to do any more than this.

The figure below is a sample of what the initial page of the site might look like. This was taken from the PedroDB model and is being used here as an example only. Your page will likely look different depending on the kind of model you are using and how the service designer has configured the web pages.