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Pierre Text Menu Application - Browse


Browsing allows the end user to see some summary information including the files' size, date, and author along with some other information. The command options associated with Browse are listed below. Note that each command must be followed by pressing Enter.

From the main menu, (B)Browse will take you to the first screen of the results. The results are displayed in the window one at a time and navigation, along with other command options. The figure below gives an example of what this would look like. The file information given is from a test file and so will be different from your file information.

The list of command options is given below. Each command listed is preceeded by a letter in parentheses. It is only this letter that you need to type at the prompt to execute the option.

(M)Previous Menu

takes you back to the previous menu page

(P)Sort Options

takes you to a new screen like the one shown below to give you a choice of what you would like to sort on

(U)Page Up

displays the results entry that is directly above the current entry in the list

(D)Page Down

displays the results entry that is directly below the current entry in the list


saves the results to a specified file. This will take you to a new screen which will ask you to select the kind of formatting you want, either HTML or text format. Select the number of the option you want and press Enter. You will then be prompted to give a name for the file you are creating. Type the name and press Enter. you will now be taken back to the first entry of the browse results. The file you have created will be put in the same directort as the command to run this application.


quits the application